Hi I’m Sarah Foster,
I hail from a one million acre cattle property in Far North West Queensland. We run around
20 000 breeders on Esmeralda Station and our nearest town is over 120km away. Needless to say, I
have a huge playground to run in.
Running for me began as a way to balance out my mental health. I have struggled with
depression since my late teens and discovered running as a coping mechanism. These days I like
to run for fun and the longer the better really.
I’ve had the opportunity to race in some really beautiful places and countries in distances
ranging from 10km to 350km. In 2017, I had the opportunity to race in Australia’s premier
multi-stage race, The Big Red Run. Running 250km across the Simpson Desert in our beautiful
country had me hooked. I then went on to race the Grand to Grand in the Grand Canyon, United
States. This was such a spiritual experience for me and I loved every moment.
The draw to travel to the States has always been the Grand Canyon and to be able to run
there was the highlight of my running career thus far. Alp’s to Ocean was next on my wishlist and
after getting financial approval from the boss man, it was off to New Zealand to run from Mt Cook to
Oamaru. New Zealand is such a beautiful country to run in and I feel so grateful for every moment.
2018 and 2019 saw me run a few smaller races within Australia which then led me into the greatest
event of all time – The Delirious West 200 miler which is actually 220 miles. Such an amazing and
life changing experience to run in this race.
I am grateful to come onboard as a Raidlight athlete and represent the brand to my full


Hi I’m Jamie Hildage,
I accidently started taking running seriously in 2015 after I was encouraged to take part in my
first stage race, the big red run, a 250km run through the Simpson Desert. At that point I fell in love
with running in wild places, camp life and especially the trail running community.
I returned to the Simpson Desert for the BRR again in 2016 and have since run The Track,
the world’s longest self supported stage race twice covering 530km from Alice Springs to Uluru.
In late 2019 I managed to go to Mozambique to race Ultra Africa as the second race in the Roadside
continental challenge series. Unfortunately world events have forced the postponement of many
global races so for 2021 I have decided to tackle a personal project to support the Australian
Childhood Foundation. The Hard Way Home is a 1,100km run across New South Wales from
Cockburn in South Australia back to Bondi Beach. This will take up some of September and I’ll
hopefully finish off the year with the Coast to Kosciuszko.
Throughout my short running journey I’ve relied extensively on a wide range of the high
performance raidlight kit and am now very proud to be part of the Raidlight team.



Hi I am Nick Bamford,

I got into running to avoid embarrassing himself as part of a company Tough Mudder. I have
dipped in and out of recreational jogging for a few years, including having a go at the Brisbane Trail
Marathon. I really started training properly in October 2019 to prepare for Tarawera 100 Mile Ultra in

I am coached by British Ultra legend Damian Hall and form coach Shane Benzie (Author of the lost
art of running).I run really happy because running makes me happy! In my spare time I am the
Managing Director

of a measurement equipment company & draws on the strategic and analytical

skills learned in business to train and prepare for races. (Yes, I do have a Powerpoint presentation
and Excel model for each race!).
In the last couple of year my races have included:

  • Blackall 100 (10hrs 17min)- !st Overall

● UTA100 2021 (10hrs 48min)- 10th Overall
● Guzzler 100km 2020 (12hrs 14min) – 1st Overall
● BVRT 100 Mile 2020 (16hrs 47min) – 1st Overall and Course Record
● Coast to Kosci 240km 2020 (28hrs 58min) – 3rd male
● Tarawera Ultra 100 mile 2020 (21hrs 51min) – 10th male
My training week consists of 200km and climbing around the height of Everest, I love running and
look forward to the next challenges awaiting me. Currently on the calendar is the 24 hour track
invitational in Canberra in July & goal races include Spartathlon, Badwater135, and UTMB.”